vendredi 12 octobre 2012

iHAB Team informations PROJECT iHAB-8 on october 14

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*The *iHAB Team* is excited to announce the next launch of the *iHAB
Project*! iHAB-8 is scheduled to launch *October 14, 2012 at 16:00Z
(11AM CDT)*.  The iHAB Team as well as other High Altitude Balloon fans
have had a challenging year trying to launch balloons due to the global
helium shortage. You can read more about the shortage here HERE
We were fortunate to obtain enough helium to complete one launch in
2012, and iHAB-8 is that launch!

The *iHAB Team* is excited to fly another "FUN" payload. Including a new
"micro" 20 Meter QRP CW beacon designed and built by Dave Cripe - NM0S,
Hi-Def Video, and time-lapse photography.  The CW beacon controller is a
new version (not yet available for purchase) of the EZKeyer from 4SQRP.
The EZKeyer v2 has expanded memories, AND beacon mode! Please spot
signal reports on QRP Spots -

The other exciting mission to this launch, and the reason we are calling
is "X" Marks the Spot is because we are going about this launch a bit
backwards to what we have done thus far.  For an added twist of
difficulty, we have preselected our desired LANDING location, and will
be calculating out LAUNCH location based on continued calculated
predictions right up until we launch.  We have chosen the Ottumwa
Industrial Airport - KOTM as our "X". This will challenge our Propulsion
Team to hit their mark!

*Visit for updated Flight News, and
Launch Information.*

The launch of **iHAB-8 will be webcast LIVE starting at/around
10:30AM CDT, so please plan to visit Mission Control

You can also follow W0OTM on Twitter!


          KBŘVXL - Oskaloosa, IA

    145.490 MHz +, 146.2 Hz CTCSS
    Echolink Node : NONE

Telemetry & Tracking:

Live! Tracker -> HERE

APRS /(legacy)/

    Balloon Telemetry-> HERE <>
    Chase Vehicle Telemetry-> HERE <>
    Both Telemetry-> HERE,%20w0otm-2&mt=roadmap&z=13&timerange=3600


  600g He

Payload #1:

Alinco DJ-C7 - VHF/UHF 3ŘŘ/5ŘŘmw

2ŘM QRP Beacon
1.5 Watts
14.057.85 +/- Mhz
designed/built by Dave Cripe NM0S
"W0OTM iHAB-8 Iowa High Altitude Balloon Project"
AAŘZZ EZKeyer (with v2 Chip)

1080p HD video

Keep Looking Up!
*Marshall Dias - W*0*OTM*

Source UKHAS

Contact :  f6agv AT